Buea Mile 17 Junction
Yaoundé Quartier Fouda
Ikom Peace Mass Transit
Douala (Akwa) Opposite small Total
Douala (Bonaberi) Opposite Mayor
Yaounde:+237 678197361
Buea: +237 657675501

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Most frequent asked Questions

For other questions or more information please contact our customer service desk. We are available on Facebook and reachable by Telephone and E-mail

Customer Support Questions

Our tickets can be booked on our online booking system on our website or with your mobile device by surfing to mobile.afrique-con.com. You can also visit one of our agencies or selling points in Cameroon and Nigeria. Tickets can be send by e-mail or by SMS, or you can print your ticket at one of our agencies.

We are accepting the most common credit cards, mobile money (Orange and MTN) and travel vouchers issued by Afrique con, all options are available online. Cash payments are only possible at our agencies and selling points.

When you purchase an open ticket or you cancel your ticket prior departure you will receive a travel voucher for the same value with a 1 year vallidation. Your voucher can be used for the purchase of a new ticket on all (international) lines exploited by Afrique con.

Not all our destinations and voyages are connected to our online booking system. Some of our lines are exploited with or by partner companies, (especially on our international lines) where our partners don't support our system by lack of facilities. Please call our customer services or visit the agency in the country of your departure to purchase your ticket.

Safety Questions

We are not only providing comfort during your journey. Safety is our biggest priority and we can't compromise that for anything. Afrique con has the best vehicles that meets up with stringent European standards and we invest heavilly on maintenace and training of our crews. The maintenance is supervised by technicians direcly from the Netherlands and yearly road wordiness inspections are performed in cooperation with the manufacturer. Our crew is experienced and trained.

We have a zero tollerance policy for alcohol and drugs, all our staff, including the drivers and hostesses are required to perform detection tests every day before entering the vehicle. Our management is also performing random tests during the day. We also have mobile Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) standby stationed at the majority of our lines to assist our vehicles in case of incidents, breakdowns or evacuations. The RIT staff are also authorised to conduct alcohol and drug tests. .

Registered address

Middle Farms Limbe
P.B 144 Buea

+237 653237030

Cameroon agencies

Opposite Mansel Hotel
Quartier Fouda, Rte de Ngousso
+237 678197361

Mile 17 Junction
+237 657675501

Afrique-con Opposite Mayor
Ndobo, Bonaberi
+237 678197360

Opposite small Total, Camp Yabasi
Beside Unity Hall (seamans office)
+237 678197360


Nigeria agencies

Peace Mass Transit

+234 7061187679

Customer support


Whatsapp: +237 620412171, +237 678197346


Noordweg 19A
3336LH Zwijndrecht

+31 103074132